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Falafels & Feelings

So I haven’t really been keeping track of my vegan journey… it’s dated back close to a year now of not the strictest regimen. I also haven’t really been keeping track of my energy or my health so today I start from scratch day 1.

I don’t know why I am generating so much energy towards vegan recipe creation, culinary arts, and stationary… but lately it is all I can think about. (Well that and an ex-boyfriend)

Tonight I lay in bed reflecting on my day. I feel satisfied? I started at the omelette station at culinary school and for the most part I enjoyed myself. I FUCKING hate having to handle dairy, eggs, and meat and I wish I could afford a vegan culinary school. I am constantly battling with the voice in my head and feel so out of place at school. I feel like I’m over reacting constantly… Today was extremely hard for me. I am starting to educate myself more in terms of animal abuse and I just can’t look at the world the same anymore. Handling the pork and chicken almost made me puke.

On the bright side tomorrows special is now a vegan breakfast burrito with: smoked paprika seasoned kale, turmeric tofu, hash browns, sautéed mushrooms and bell peppers, avocado, and a fresh black bean pico de Gallo. && that is when my positive energy kicks in. When I am making a change and positively impacting my surroundings.

I’m feeling insecure about a couple of things but they’re all ego related so fuck em. I feel fat and my face is breaking out so bad… I also am being objectified at work and am struggling as a vegan cullinary student, but the reality is… I have. a lot more to be grateful for. PMA: Like my creative mind, my generous soul, my family and friends, my life experiences and upcoming opportunities…

So I go to bed now full of falafel and homemade beet hummus. Feeling urged to document my thoughts. (which by the way has made my racing mind feel more organized and aware) It’s 10:00 pm now. I feel tired but accomplished. I’ve gone to school from 6 am – 12pm, cooked, created art, worked on my empire, did laundry, meditated, and took a bath. Nothing feels better than a clean room, a full belly, and clean sheets.

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