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Getting to the Lofoten Islands in Norway– Planes, Trains, Buses, &… Layovers

Let me start by saying this was my second time pulling the trigger on a solo trip for a Workaway. If you don’t know what that is I’ll be making a blog post on that soon but it is my BEST FRIEND. Exchange work for accommodation and sometimes food/wage. Butttt that being said– I’m decent at finding cheap plane tickets but I’m not the best. Of course if you had done the research you could have found an alternative route for much cheaper and shorter layovers, but I just don’t mind the time spent with myself! I think in the future I’ll spend some more time looking for cheaper flights because I did spend a pretty penny on a pretty shit route but that is Ok…

I left San Francisco at 2pm on a Monday by car and arrived in Los Angeles around 9 pm. I live in San Francisco and the cheapest flight I could find (which again I didn’t try my harrrrddestt) was out of LAX. $662 for round trip. Not including my $220 to Evenes or $40 bus ride. So after spending a couple days with friends and family I was off.

19th of December at 5:52 pm. My first layover was in Las Vegas. I met a young Romanian gal and a Australian boy at the air port and they were both going to London after their flight so we all hung out before our next flight. That’s a big fat lie, we all accidentally exited the airport and had to re-enter and re-go through security. So IF YOU ARE AT THE LASVEGAS AIRPORT EXITING A DOMESTIC FLIGHT TO TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TAKE THE BUS TO THE OTHER TERMINALS.

I drank a couple beers and stocked up on food for my flight because I knew there wasn’t going to be anything vegan on the plane. Luckily I had many snacks packed. A 9 and a half hour flight from Las Vegas to London. Leaving LAS at 8 pm on 12.19 and arriving in London at 3 pm on 12.20. I took 1 sleeping pill, drank 3 glasses of wine, ate my dinner, watched Booksmart (good movie) and crashed for just about the whole flight. When I woke up I had about 45 minutes until arriving so I did a light read had some coffee, and ate a banana and nuts.

London was pretty painless as well. I arrived at 3 pm and took off for Oslo at 9 pm. So I ate at Wagamama at the Heathrow Terminal and ate Gas Oakley’s bowl and had two glasses of champagne. (my travels always include a decent amount of alcohol).

With limited money I decided against getting a hotel room in Oslo because I would arrive at 11pm and there really was no point considering my flight to Evenes was at 8 am.

So I found a vegan pulled “pork” burrito and some other snacks and made home on a couch at Starbucks. Barely slept. Bought more lunches(knowing damn well I wouldn’t be able to eat anything vegan at EVE) and went through security after another 9 hour layover, and was on my way to EVE.

When arriving at EVE I had about 30 minutes to collect my backpack from baggage claim to hop on a bus to Leknes. If I missed that window of time the only bus for the next 5 hours would be gone. And guess the fuck what…. baggage was tardy to the party. So your girl waited an additional 5 hours to hop on the next bus to Leknes in the Lofoten Islands. I read watched TV ate my first meal and slept until 5 pm when the next bus finally arrived…. BUT of course the bus ride was another 5 hours! LOL

After LAYOVER GALORE and crazy amounts of travel I arrived at the bus stop where my new boss would pick me up. She drove me 15 minutes and I made it to the cabin. Right on the water in the (dark) middle of snowy mountains. Had a glass of tea with her and my new roommate, took a sleeping pill and was ion my way to OOOooooLALA land.

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